What Our Clients Say About Us.

“Bryan and I have worked together at two different restaurant concepts and he is hands down the best restaurant managerial recruiter I have used. In the restaurant business time is critical and Bryan does a phenomenal job vetting his candidates so that the area supervisors I work with have great potential candidates. Bryan works to know his clients well, so he knows what sort of candidates properly match his clients. He is quick to respond and communicates extremely well. Bryan has been a pleasure to work with and I value our relationship.”

– Travis Hudson
Vice President of Operations
Chuys Restaurants

“Bryan and Five Star has provided excellent service to Hoffbrau Steaks for more than 10 years. Bryan was proactive in understanding our culture and business needs so he could send us the right candidates. Bryan’s candidates almost always progress through our selection process. I would not hesitate to recommend Bryan to anyone.”
– Paul Ellis
President & COO
Hoffbrau Steaks
“As a candidate, I first connected with Pam and her firm 19 years ago as I was transitioning from the Northeast to Texas. Pam and her team had me in front of a dozen companies and aided me in concentrating my efforts into a two week span resulting in over half of them offering me quality opportunities. 5 Star Recruiting proved to be resourceful and connected while having the urgency, responsiveness and communication skills to help me achieve what I needed. They really contoured their efforts around what I was seeking and ultimately put me in the career opportunity I had always been searching for. Now, being the one hiring, I have relied significantly upon Pam and 5 Star Recruting to provide quality manager candidates. Many of Pam’s placements with Razzoo’s have had great success with us and lofted to higher positions, such as General and Area Manager. Anyone fortunate enough to work with 5 Star Recruiting will soon understand the benefit of their professionalism and advocacy”.
– Garret Brooks
Razzoo’s, Inc
VP Operations
“I have known Pam for quite a while now.  She introduced me to Razzoo’s 12 years ago.  Pam has been a tremendous help to me in the recruitment of GREAT manager candidates.  We communicate with each other on a regular basis, following up on my needs for my area and what she has available for candidates.  Knows what we are looking for, and does what she can to find us that great talent to make Razzoo’s successful.
Thank you guys for all you do!”
– Mark Koski
Area Manager
Razzoo’s Inc.
“Love the hard work, dedication, and diligents from Five Star Recruiting. They always seem to find the right candidates that fits our culture here at Razoo’s. Great job!”
– Matt Hubbard
Razzoo’s Inc.
“I have had the pleasure of working with Bryan Blocker and the Five Star team for more than twenty-five years. Bryan sources high caliber hospitality candidates and can be trusted to provide only the best of the best. He is also a person with high standards and integrity and I have very much enjoyed and valued our working relationship for all these years.”
– Jeremy Hartley
Chief Operating Officer
Zoe’s Kitchen
“Bryan and Pam were invaluable partners in Abuelo’s expansion from 13 to 40 units. They took time to understand our goals and our company culture to place the right people with us. With many search firms, you get the clear feeling that they are just trying to make their fee rather than help you build a lasting strong management team. Bryan and Pam are the exception.”
– Bob Lin
Food Concepts International/Abuelo’s